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Image by Greg Rosenke

Animal Testing Policy

Last updated: 15th May 2021

Testing cosmetic products and their ingredients on animals was banned in the UK in 1998, later followed by the EU in 2013, although they had been debating it since 1993.


Cult of Cuda opposes animal testing of any kind. We never have and never will test our products of ingredients on animals.


So why don't we state this on our packaging? Making this claim is deemed in breach of cosmetics law because technically all cosmetics sold in Europe can say the same thing. Unfortunately, many small (and big) companies have continued to make this claim, causing confusion amongst consumers. We're commited to being open and honest with our customers.


There are various independent accreditations a company can apply for, allowing the legal use of various 'cruelty free' logos on product packaging, but for a small business these are costly. It's also a grey area as to why these logos are allowed, whilst regular claims are not.


We will also never test our products on animals when selling to countries outside of the UK/EU, nor buy ingredients from suppliers for sale abroad.

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