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Nacod Cleansing Bar

This bar is for when you want to go back to basics without compromising on luxury. A completely naked cleansing bar without colours or fragrances.


Nacod, the Old English word for naked, is made with only natural British kaolin clay added to our custom base recipe, giving a creamy and completely pure lather.


Using the cold process traditional soap making method, coconut oil and olive oil combine with lye and water to create sodium salts and glycerin, i.e. soap! We keep all our glycerin in the bar, unlike many commercial soap manufacturers who extract and sell it. We also superfat our bars, meaning there is excess fat, making it more gentle.


Each bar is at least 110 g and approximately 6 x 9 x 2 cm. As a handmade product there can be natural variations in appearance.

Nacod Cleansing Bar

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