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Melas of Calydon Cleansing Bar

Melas was a Calydonian prince in Ancient Greek mythology, whose eight sons were slain for plotting against their uncle, Oeneus. Melas is also the Greek word for the colour black, forming part of Tea Tree's botanical genus name, Melaleuca, and inspiring this dynamic combo of natural Tea Tree Oil and Actived Charcoal.


This bar is packed full, giving an intense burst of refreshing tea tree, with the gentle exfoliation of charcoal. It's a great for a deep cleanse of both face and body. Its aroma is all natural, scented only with essential oils, and no fragrance oils.


Each bar is at least 110 g and approximately 6 x 9 x 2 cm. As a handmade product there can be natural variations in appearance.

Melas of Calydon Cleansing Bar

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